Car Dealers offers dealers a comprehensive solution for your auto transportion needs. From auctions to dealer trades, we understand the complexities of auto transporting facing today's car dealers.  On a daily basis we work with auto dealers to quickly fulfill these needs and many more. Here at, we let you focus on your business by handling all the details involved in transporting a vehicle into or out of your dealership including all auction paperwork and clearances, verification of insurance, regulatory status of the carrier, and even communicating with your customers on the status of their automobile. Our carriers operate a wide variety of equipment for various types of cars, light trucks, vans and SUV's including roll-backs for inoperable vehicles, enclosed carriers for high-end cars, or full-sized trailers capable of hauling up to 10 cars at a time. Our service is door-to-door, we do not use terminals.  For your added protection, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured with over 40 years of experience. That is why we have developed trust with so many dealers, and we would like the opportunity to do so with you!  A leader in transportation, AutoTransport .com is the right choice to handle all of your transport needs. 


Auto Auctions

Shopping the internet for inventory is fast and easy and most dealers are becoming more comfortable and skilled at finding inventory from auctions farther away. Dealers are finding it difficult to find a quality transporter to move cars that are purchased a few at a time from several different auctions around the country. We know what it takes to get vehicles to and from auctions. We are specialists in auction processes such as obtaining release paperwork, checkout procedures, arbitration times, and inspection reports. We are able to provide transportation for single units or full truck loads. Our "Price Quote Generator" is available 24/7, and it is absolutely free! So, now you can find the inventory you need and immediately know the cost of transporting it home. Our staff is highly trained and experienced; our technologies are state-of-art allowing us to configure cost effective loads and to navigate shipping lanes in order to save you money.

Dealer Trades

We handle both ends of a dealer trade. Typically, we dispatch a carrier to the first location to get the trade started. Once the first vehicle is delivered the carrier picks up the second vehicle and brings it to you. But, if the traded vehicle is a sold unit and you don’t want your customer waiting, we can dispatch two carriers simultaneously to the two locations and save a few days in the delivery time. Every year we work with new and used car managers at dealerships nationwide handling thousands of transports for dealer trades. Call us at (877) 750-2800 and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales associates about your unique needs, and let us help you decide what service will fit your operation.

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